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down on the thames walk.
hardly anyone’s around because they have their lunch break at normal times.
listening to the same song on repeat.
i’ve cried in worse places so this is nice.

i am such a pathetic mess, i just see no way of getting a grip on this. it’s difficult to try & imagine a scenario you hate but probably have to adjust to actually living in.

this wasn’t how it was supposed to go.


& every night i think how much closer it is i am to hearing your voice again.

i miss you so but i know ima loose you, you won’t be mine right now, will you ever be or should i just cut loose?

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i lost a signal & put you away
swore upon my sun i’d save you for a rainy day
loosened the noose then let go of the rope
i know if it’s never coming back it has to go

i keep calling your name
i wanna hold you close
but i never wanna feel ashamed
so i keep calling at night
i wanna hold you close
i just never wanna hold you tight

goodness gracious i can’t seem to stop
calling you up
calling you up
just to keep crawling to your arms

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